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Welcome to Art Investors and Collectors

Imagine if we had known fledgling artists in their early years, Monet, Warhol, Renoir, are just a few examples. With some struggling to survive, often selling their art for very little money yet now their paintings sell for many millions. Art can be beautiful, it can certainly be bizarre, it can be enjoyed in the eye of the beholder, with us all having different opinions. But also with that enjoyment comes the opportunity that our artworks can increase in value. It is my aim to give every purchaser a bargain buy, a deal we are both happy with!

We hope you enjoy the collection and find something of interest to you. The paintings are all originals and In no particular order we have paintings to offer by Northern artists such as Bob Richardson, Phil George, Fred Yates.

Other artists such as still life specialists Peter Kotka and Roy Hodrien and Welsh artists Charles Wyatt Warren, David Barnes and Robert Fraser. Please enjoy the stunning artwork by collectible artists at prices that should hopefully be of interest to all of you art lovers and investors alike.



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